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4 Reasons Why Men Work at Lowe’s

Well I literally just went to Lowe’s to buy a couple of “art” supplies for my 3D sculpture class and I learned so many new things about the male employees that work at Lowe’s (at least the one where I live by.)

1. You just need to look like you are working

I looked around for a good minute or two for an employee to help me and BEHOLD two male employees chatting away, one looking like he heard that story one too many times. The rest of the male employees I saw were walking around aimlessly… or hiding…(yes I saw a male employee hiding behind a large shelf texting… aren’t there cameras?)

2. You don’t really have to know anything about the department you work in

I asked five men total to help me out (I was looking for hardwire cloth a.k.a. chicken wire, burlap, and snips) and the unanimous response from each was, “What do you want?!?” Neither of them had any idea what I was talking about. That just goes to show not all men know about tools and outdoor items. I did enjoy the weird looks on their faces when I shared the list with them, which leading to reason #3.

3. You get to imagine what the customers will do with the items they purchase

I don’t know about anyone else but when I came into Lowe’s I was thinking to myself “I bet they think I’m a murderer buying this weird stuff” and I was right. The funny man I spoke to thought the same thing but I assured him it was for my art class. (By the way apparently anyone can walk in buying interesting items and just say it’s a school project and you get the “OH! Well that’s okay” factor.) If I worked there I would probably think everyone was a murderer except if you asked for plants, paint, or fans.

4. You can use the intercom as much as you want

I accually felt a little bad about this one but the “funny man” didn’t seem to mind. I went out into the gardening section and asked two young employees and they both replied “I have no idea what you are talking about.” So one of the employees called for assistance over the intercom…over…over…and over again. I walked away slowly as he reassured me that someone would come over to help (no one came.) So I set out to look for my items and guess what? I found them! Took me about 8 minutes but I found them.

As I went inside to purchase the items, I showed the “funny man” my supplies and he felt well informed and wished me good luck on my project. I then sadly paid WAY TOO much on these 3 items and heard the intercom still asking for assistance as I left (this was about 5 minutes later because I was looking for the snips.) All in all I think Lowe’s is a pretty nice place to work if you are a man. (Because women would be REALLY bored working here after awhile.) And thank you Lowe’s for having my supplies (because Home Depot didn’t know what I was talking about either.)