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4 Reasons Why Men Work at Lowe’s

Well I literally just went to Lowe’s to buy a couple of “art” supplies for my 3D sculpture class and I learned so many new things about the male employees that work at Lowe’s (at least the one where I live by.)

1. You just need to look like you are working

I looked around for a good minute or two for an employee to help me and BEHOLD two male employees chatting away, one looking like he heard that story one too many times. The rest of the male employees I saw were walking around aimlessly… or hiding…(yes I saw a male employee hiding behind a large shelf texting… aren’t there cameras?)

2. You don’t really have to know anything about the department you work in

I asked five men total to help me out (I was looking for hardwire cloth a.k.a. chicken wire, burlap, and snips) and the unanimous response from each was, “What do you want?!?” Neither of them had any idea what I was talking about. That just goes to show not all men know about tools and outdoor items. I did enjoy the weird looks on their faces when I shared the list with them, which leading to reason #3.

3. You get to imagine what the customers will do with the items they purchase

I don’t know about anyone else but when I came into Lowe’s I was thinking to myself “I bet they think I’m a murderer buying this weird stuff” and I was right. The funny man I spoke to thought the same thing but I assured him it was for my art class. (By the way apparently anyone can walk in buying interesting items and just say it’s a school project and you get the “OH! Well that’s okay” factor.) If I worked there I would probably think everyone was a murderer except if you asked for plants, paint, or fans.

4. You can use the intercom as much as you want

I accually felt a little bad about this one but the “funny man” didn’t seem to mind. I went out into the gardening section and asked two young employees and they both replied “I have no idea what you are talking about.” So one of the employees called for assistance over the intercom…over…over…and over again. I walked away slowly as he reassured me that someone would come over to help (no one came.) So I set out to look for my items and guess what? I found them! Took me about 8 minutes but I found them.

As I went inside to purchase the items, I showed the “funny man” my supplies and he felt well informed and wished me good luck on my project. I then sadly paid WAY TOO much on these 3 items and heard the intercom still asking for assistance as I left (this was about 5 minutes later because I was looking for the snips.) All in all I think Lowe’s is a pretty nice place to work if you are a man. (Because women would be REALLY bored working here after awhile.) And thank you Lowe’s for having my supplies (because Home Depot didn’t know what I was talking about either.)


What is Your Real Beauty?

Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches campaign is known for making the most viral ad video of all time. This video seriously made me cry like a big baby and I wanted to tell those women how beautiful they are! It is a short video that features a very talented FBI-trained portrait artist who draws women based on the way they describe their self-perceptions. After he draws the women, without ever once looking at them, he talks to a stranger that has met the woman and then draws the stranger’s perception of that first woman. My favorite part is at the end when the first woman gets to view the portrait sketches. The stranger’s descriptions turned out to be the actually look of the women compared to their self-perception images.
After the release of this video, in April 2013, it gathered more than 114 million total views. Dove’s goal was to show women that they are overly critical of their appearance and don’t see their true beauty. Dove was reaching out to the 96% of women around the world that don’t consider themselves beautiful to enhance their source of confidence. Their strategy was to make this video and to share it all around the world. They uploaded the video in 25 different languages to 33 of Dove’s YouTube channels. They made a hashtag “#WeAreBeautiful” on twitter and also posted the video on Facebook to be shared.
In evaluating this campaign Dove was viewed in more than 110 countries. The video was shared 3.74 million times, which makes it the third most shared video of all time. It has a share-to-view ratio of one share for every 30 views. The video had 121 print features, including leading op-ed pieces, 484 major broadcast news and lifestyle segments, and thousands of online articles that generated hundreds of thousands of comments, likes, and shares. The video is the third most shared video of all time. About 1,800 blog posts were written about this campaign and it was awarded the Titanium Grad Prix at Cannes Lions award.
Facebook was a great tool to use because of its quick connection with family and friends. It is a very easy way to share this video and is compatible with Twitter and YouTube. Blogging was a great publishing tool for this campaign because women were self-publishing their perceptions and thoughts about this campaign and initiating a lot of conversion. Many people formed group blogging, feedback, and also helped spread the video. This campaign was extremely successful for everyone both brand and women around the world. The brand achieved their goals on brand and beauty awareness and women around the world have gained a new understanding on they ways they should be portraying themselves, beautiful.
I was so moved by this video that I wanted to go out and try it for myself. I think if Dove were to do this campaign again they should make a program that would let anyone try this out for themselves and maybe help aid those women who really don’t see themselves as beautiful. And if that’s too much at least offer to sign them up to a newsletter that sends them an encouraging note everyday. Women just need a lot of love.

This is the Real Beauty Sketches video:


Really Simple Syndication (RSS)… I Think Not

These Social Media acronyms are really confusing to me and after reading this weeks readings I’m still not sure I fully understand it, but after watching this video on RSS ( I’m beginning to understand it a little more than when I first heard about it.

I think social media has impacted organizations immensely throughout the 21st century. Brands and organizations will continue to use social media as a tool to advertise and to reach their consumers and fans.

The American Red Cross, for example, did a study in 2012 about how more Americans are using mobile apps in emergency situations. In the study 76% Americans will contact friends to see if they are safe, 37% will purchase supplies or seek safe shelter, and 25% will download an emergency app. Although the American Red Cross suggests calling 9-1-1 in any emergency, they have taken this social approach and used it to inform their audience. This organization is constantly tweeting disasters and informing the world of events that are impacting people. They also use websites and apps to help donate to other organizations such as GoodSearch and Gifts That Give. For more information visit:

As a business or organization if your customer is looking for you or a service like yours it is important that you are the first search that appears. That is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing come into place.

 SEO and SEM are two completely different functions, but they both refer to your web site’s ability to be recognized by the major search engines. When customers are looking for an organization or service they will type is a few words that will best describe what they need. If the organization has completed its SEO with important key words, it will end up in the customer’s results. It’s about being found before your customers find your competition. It’s about always showing up in a listing no matter what your customer types in when they’re trying to find you, your product, or service.

The saying “Content is King” is true when it comes to SEO. An organization wants each of its web pages content to be the first page that pops up on someone’s search. Choosing the write words to best represent your pages is the most important part of SEO.

An organization that has done its SEO well should make a RSS (Really Simple Syndication.) With RSS all of your favorite sites are on one page telling you of any new content that is added to the reader page. The function RSS, will organize your content and use time efficiently by adding all the sites you usually check updates for into one page. An organization that uses this function will be able to view all of its content onto one page and be more aware and interactive with its audience.

So after all this confusing cyber talk I’ve concluded that it is actually important to get web content out there using these functions so that your name and/or organization will be recognized.

When Viral is a Good Word

            When I think about viral content the first recent example that pops into my mind is Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball video, so I’ll be referencing a lot to her video. You may be thinking, “How does viral content even become viral?” well that can be answered easily, through social media. Social media has amazing features like uploads/posts, comments, and even customization that help spread unique trending topics that can later become viral.
            I am mostly invested in Facebook than any other social media so most of my references will be based on Facebook, incase you are wondering why I only mention Facebook. Uploads are a great way to spread content with anyone you are friends with. Whether it be uploading a status, video, or picture the user is basically saying, “Hey! I think this is worth looking at for a few seconds so I am going to share it so LOOK!” When a user uploads they are essentially open to people “sharing” their content because why else would they post it if it wasn’t for the whole world to see? My example of Miley’s “Wrecking Ball” video is a great example of sharing at its finest. This video was the most talked about, and still is, topic at the beginning of 2014. When she made that video no one could believe that Disney channels old star Miley Cyrus would ever make a video so controversial. Just incase you have been living under a rock this year I am talking about this Youtube upload which has over 500 million views! (

            A user also has the ability to customize their profile. Customization is an easy and popular feature for a user to make their profile unique and original. One trending way to customize a page is through your profile picture. Along with Miley’s trending video users were taking advantage of their customization feature by making their profile picture a Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” related meme. (WARNING: this external link might be a bit graphic to some people, viewer discretion is advised.) This meme,–300×334.jpg, is a picture, from, I saw very often as user’s profile picture after the video came out.  There are a lot of other interesting remakes of her video as a picture but you get the point. This added to the hilarity of the video and gave viewers something else to talk about besides her video.
            When a user uploads or changes their profile picture they are opening themselves up to comments. Comments are a great feature for other people to add their input on a post. When a user comments they have the option of commenting with words and/or photos. To continue on the Miley example some people would comment on posts, whether Miley related or not, with a picture that showed how they were feeling about a certain situation. For example if a post was confrontational and people were taking sides you might come across a picture like this,, taken from This not only added to the conversation but also added more attention to the video.
            Whether Miley meant for her video to become viral or not social media users took advantage of their free features to showcase their opinions about her unbelievably unique video. Here is a great infographic to wrap up viral content, (, by Mark Smiciklas.


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Me and Social Media

To be honest I really didn’t like the idea of making a twitter or a blog at first. I thought that there was no point in making theses online social media sites and that they would not correlate with my future. Boy was I wrong. Social media is and will be the future especially in my Advertising/Public Relations major. I find them to be a bit challenging to get started and used to but I bet with a couple of months of casual use I will be a lot more comfortable. I plan on understanding some of the sites I do not understand a little better so that I can use them more for personal and academic use. I find these social media sites to be very useful in getting my opinions and ideas online and worldwide fast. I definitely foresee myself in the future using social media sites to advance the advertising corporation that I will hopefully work for. They are a great way to engage with coworkers and to understand customer concerns.

Consumers do not seem to trust corporate messages as the used to and they especially do not want to sit through 30-minute commercials. Public Relations, in a quick definition, has to do with positive relationships that lead to positive behavior. Consumers don’t want to hear a used car sales man shouting at them on the radio which car is better and why. Consumers want to read or hear opinions from their mom, cousin, or people they know and have a positive relationship with. Whether the information is positive of negative consumers want to know they are getting it from someone they know and trust. They want to know it that the car they want is really all that its advertised to be by someone they can personally talk to and believe. To be honestly that exactly what I do too. I want to hear it from someone I personally can email and ask how it is like in “the real world.” Advertising is sometimes perceived as false information sometimes and just knowing and trusting someone is a better way to get people to buy things.

Social media has altered the reliance on paper advertising to deliver an organization’s, or companies, message. I am not suggesting that advertising will no longer be a profession, but placing a message from a company on a social media site is cheaper and easier to do yourself. You can even access it from the office or at home making social media a lot more convenient. Blogging and forums are a great way to gain relationships with consumers and adds trust within a specific online community. Both help you gain insight from customers and employers from all over the world. They are great tools that even extend to search engines so that anyone can find and access your information to have written.  Social media is the new rule to every profession out there and everyone needs to get on board as soon as possible.