What is Your Real Beauty?

Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches campaign is known for making the most viral ad video of all time. This video seriously made me cry like a big baby and I wanted to tell those women how beautiful they are! It is a short video that features a very talented FBI-trained portrait artist who draws women based on the way they describe their self-perceptions. After he draws the women, without ever once looking at them, he talks to a stranger that has met the woman and then draws the stranger’s perception of that first woman. My favorite part is at the end when the first woman gets to view the portrait sketches. The stranger’s descriptions turned out to be the actually look of the women compared to their self-perception images.
After the release of this video, in April 2013, it gathered more than 114 million total views. Dove’s goal was to show women that they are overly critical of their appearance and don’t see their true beauty. Dove was reaching out to the 96% of women around the world that don’t consider themselves beautiful to enhance their source of confidence. Their strategy was to make this video and to share it all around the world. They uploaded the video in 25 different languages to 33 of Dove’s YouTube channels. They made a hashtag “#WeAreBeautiful” on twitter and also posted the video on Facebook to be shared.
In evaluating this campaign Dove was viewed in more than 110 countries. The video was shared 3.74 million times, which makes it the third most shared video of all time. It has a share-to-view ratio of one share for every 30 views. The video had 121 print features, including leading op-ed pieces, 484 major broadcast news and lifestyle segments, and thousands of online articles that generated hundreds of thousands of comments, likes, and shares. The video is the third most shared video of all time. About 1,800 blog posts were written about this campaign and it was awarded the Titanium Grad Prix at Cannes Lions award.
Facebook was a great tool to use because of its quick connection with family and friends. It is a very easy way to share this video and is compatible with Twitter and YouTube. Blogging was a great publishing tool for this campaign because women were self-publishing their perceptions and thoughts about this campaign and initiating a lot of conversion. Many people formed group blogging, feedback, and also helped spread the video. This campaign was extremely successful for everyone both brand and women around the world. The brand achieved their goals on brand and beauty awareness and women around the world have gained a new understanding on they ways they should be portraying themselves, beautiful.
I was so moved by this video that I wanted to go out and try it for myself. I think if Dove were to do this campaign again they should make a program that would let anyone try this out for themselves and maybe help aid those women who really don’t see themselves as beautiful. And if that’s too much at least offer to sign them up to a newsletter that sends them an encouraging note everyday. Women just need a lot of love.

This is the Real Beauty Sketches video:




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