Really Simple Syndication (RSS)… I Think Not

These Social Media acronyms are really confusing to me and after reading this weeks readings I’m still not sure I fully understand it, but after watching this video on RSS ( I’m beginning to understand it a little more than when I first heard about it.

I think social media has impacted organizations immensely throughout the 21st century. Brands and organizations will continue to use social media as a tool to advertise and to reach their consumers and fans.

The American Red Cross, for example, did a study in 2012 about how more Americans are using mobile apps in emergency situations. In the study 76% Americans will contact friends to see if they are safe, 37% will purchase supplies or seek safe shelter, and 25% will download an emergency app. Although the American Red Cross suggests calling 9-1-1 in any emergency, they have taken this social approach and used it to inform their audience. This organization is constantly tweeting disasters and informing the world of events that are impacting people. They also use websites and apps to help donate to other organizations such as GoodSearch and Gifts That Give. For more information visit:

As a business or organization if your customer is looking for you or a service like yours it is important that you are the first search that appears. That is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing come into place.

 SEO and SEM are two completely different functions, but they both refer to your web site’s ability to be recognized by the major search engines. When customers are looking for an organization or service they will type is a few words that will best describe what they need. If the organization has completed its SEO with important key words, it will end up in the customer’s results. It’s about being found before your customers find your competition. It’s about always showing up in a listing no matter what your customer types in when they’re trying to find you, your product, or service.

The saying “Content is King” is true when it comes to SEO. An organization wants each of its web pages content to be the first page that pops up on someone’s search. Choosing the write words to best represent your pages is the most important part of SEO.

An organization that has done its SEO well should make a RSS (Really Simple Syndication.) With RSS all of your favorite sites are on one page telling you of any new content that is added to the reader page. The function RSS, will organize your content and use time efficiently by adding all the sites you usually check updates for into one page. An organization that uses this function will be able to view all of its content onto one page and be more aware and interactive with its audience.

So after all this confusing cyber talk I’ve concluded that it is actually important to get web content out there using these functions so that your name and/or organization will be recognized.


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